GTbackup is the perfect backup system  for your business. GTbackup lets you use your fast internet connection to make scheduled off-site backups of your valuable business files on your home computer.


GTbackup has the following features:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups
  •  Immediate access to your data using the internet
  • Off-site storage
  • Compression - Zip compatible
  • Automated, background backups
  • Selection of input directory
  • Selection of backup name
  • Directory can be backed up more than once
  • Multiple versions of files can be backed up and recovered
  • Security using Password
  • Easy setup
  • File History
  • Recovery GUI
  • Web Start !
  • Automatic update to latest version
  • Exclusion of sub directories
  • Copy mode
  • Reset of  backup index
  • Color Coded reports
  • Backup progress indication, including scheduled backup, At home and At Work
  • Compatible with Microsoft Scheduled tasks
  • Encryption Triple-Des
  • Database Integration


  • No worries about forgetting to perform routine backups
  • No worries about data loss as a result of fire, theft, computer breakdown or human error
  • No need to purchase new CD's for backup
  • No need to worry whether the backup is too big to fit on the CD
  • No need to take the CD's home - in case of fire.
  • No worries about forgetting where you placed the latest backup





The Perfect Solution For Your Business Needs

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