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GTbackup™ is a backup system for the small business.  GTbackup™ enables you to backup the information from your business computer and save it on your home computer, using the internet.  You can set routine backups to occur at pre-determined intervals, such as every night, every week or other intervals that meet your needs.  Click here if you wish to find out more about GTbackup™ and its advantages.

GTbackup contains two components:

  1. GTbackup At Home  -  is running on your home computer; and

  2. GTbackup At Work  -  is running at work.


GTbackup At Home - On the home computer

GTbackup At Home software is responsible for storing your information on your home computer and enables you to restore the information if needed.

GTbackup At Home is protected by User ID, Password and the unique registration key. 

GTbackup At Work - On the work computer

GTbackup At Work software is responsible for backing up your files. Using GTbackup At Work, you can schedule backups to occur at different times during the day, week or month.  GTbackup at Work and GTbackup At Home work together to copy the directories that you choose, from your work computer to your home computer.

In order for GTbackup At Work to perform a backup, GTbackup At Home, must be running.  (In other words, your home computer is turned on and GTbackup At Home is running on that computer.)    If GTbackup At Home is not running, you can configure a backup and it will take place when you get back home, start your computer, and start GTbackup At Home


GTbackup™ is designed for a small business owner. It uses the internet to transfer files from the work computer to the computer you have at your own home.   Because GTbackup TM allows you to send and store the data on your private home computer, we believe that standard security is sufficient.  If you want to backup sensitive information and require additional security features, such as using encryption and SSL, please, contact Giltam Software Inc. for further details.

Remember, your backup is as secure as your home computer and your internet connection are.





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