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Technical Overview 

 GTbackup™, is an internet backup software, and is designed to backup computer systems over broadband connections (DSL,CABLE). 


GTbackup™ uses the internet to backup your business and home computers and make a backup of your business data on your home computer. 


Installations at home and in the office are as simple as clicking on the install link in the download page. The installation is quick.  It is fully automated and, if you have Java installed on your computer, requires no input from you.  If java is not installed it will be automatically installed as part of the installation process.


Setup is as simple as clicking of a web link and filling up the following registration form. 

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with the registration number. You will have to enter this number in both your home and work computers. After that all you need to do is specify what to backup and when to do it.





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